The Daily Outrage(s) – Ever wonder why we call politicians demagogues? – Another ugly chapter in a particularly sordid instance of police incompetence and malfeasance, never mind the evils of the no-knock warrant. – A conservative Christian’s take on the ACLU’s efforts to prevent public schools from filtering LGBT-related websites. Where the ACLU’s stated goals are straightforward, namely compelling schools to stop filtering sites such as coming-out guides and other “education resources,” Beliefnet senior editor Rob Kerby interprets the organization’s efforts as an attempt to promote porn, a subject the ACLU does not address. Apparently Kerby–the rare fundamentalist personality on Beliefnet, a site that plays host to iconic figures like Marcus Borg–and a few of his ilk are unaware that filters screen potentially objectionable content such as porn and LGBT advocacy sites separately. ACLU’s side of the story can be found here. – Yet another First-Amendment-Free zone discovered in South Carolina. They’re popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm. – Next on the horizon (literally): floating city states. Some of you might be reminded of a Randian oceanic state portrayed in a certain computer game.

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