Tuesday Outrages

http://www.futureofcapitalism.com/2011/08/egg-regulation – Ira Stoll examines the latest outbreak of disease in the products of factory farming (80 million cases of food poisoning a year and the government still prefers to dedicate untold resources toward harassing Rawesome Foods) and notes that “the implicit assumption of the article [referenced in link] is that more government regulation would improve the situation rather than just failing at a higher cost to taxpayers than the existing regulation. This is often the reaction to a regulatory failure, whether it involves eggs or the Securities and Exchange Commission. Rather than examine the entire approach or move toward private- or self-regulation, the press and politicians prefer to do more of the same.”

This mindset is common even among proletariat folk like my family, a population whose political contributions and awareness don’t stretch far beyond their social security taxes (excuse me, “contributions”) and “benefits.” Even those with some political awareness rarely understand just how incestuous the regulator/regulated relationship becomes once lobbying is factored in. Whereas regulation might begin with the good intentions of Ralph Nader and his Vanguard of the Public Interest, it doesn’t take long before it becomes another corporate tool used to stifle competition. See the FDA and Monsanto under the leadership of Blessed Leader Obama or, if you’d like to make your Tuesday especially gloomy, check out the effect of regulation on hyper-artisanal, local-friendly, organic-only Nice Cream.

http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2011/08/30/gibson_guitar_ceo_feds_are_out_to_get_us – From the Continuing Tales of the Bizarre: the Feds ramp up their two-year investigation/persecution of Gibson Guitar Corp. over the possibility (one that remains speculative) that Gibson could be importing illegal wood to make fret boards. The Justice Dept. being the Justice Dept., it shuts down the company via armed raid not once but twice, confiscates Gibson’s property, then sits on a cache of valuable commodities for nearly two years without filing charges or, you know, returning the guitars. As you can imagine, Gibson and its attorneys are howling mad. If they weren’t donating to the Democrats before, something tells me that systematic harassment is unlikely to change their minds.

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