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Libertarianism and the History of Violence

I have read several recent articles by Steven Pinker related to his upcoming book concerning the reduced rates of violence in human history. The title is a mouthful that no writer in his right mind would saddle a book with; … Continue reading

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Chertoff Grilled by the BBC beginning at around 12 minutes into the audio This gets the weekend off to a fine start.

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Outrage of the Day: Woman Removed from Plane, Detained, Allegedly Strip-Searched

The Atlantic has more. While I hope that this is an elaborate fiction created for some unknown purpose by an unassuming, educated, and established blogger, the outrageous behavior of the Executive Branch for the past two administrations gives me little … Continue reading

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Monday Edition

“Angry electorate helps sustain Tea Party,” proclaims on its front page. I have long since accepted that the Tea Party is no true friend to libertarianism or civil liberties (TP Express co-chair Amy Kremer’s assertion that the Republican party … Continue reading

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Power Restored, weekend edition

Roy Zimmerman with his latest ditty. In other news, atypical interaction between incensed union member and local media. I understand Roy’s argument, as do most people who support collective bargaining, free markets, and all that goes with negotiating compensation. I … Continue reading

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TSA, Protector of Civil Liberties and Other Fodder for Madness

Janet Napolitano reveals that the DHS and TSA “don’t do anything without kind of running it through our own civil rights and privacy office.” Thank God Janet is always on the case looking out for our civil liberties. I have … Continue reading

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Daily Outrage, Monday Edition

Even Internet cranks need an occasional break from examining the myriad ways human beings abuse and cause unnecessary, frequently unintentional harm to one another. For me, those breaks usually lead to the discovery of apparently parodic movements that are, in … Continue reading

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