Outrages of the New Month

Why, George, why? Why do you persist in tormenting the people who made you rich? I suppose I should be thankful the Ewoks aren’t speaking Ferengi yet.

Cato’s Andrew Coulson picks on poor, beleaguered President Obama and his big plans for a third stimulus of make-work jobs government spending. At this point, Obama would be better off dedicating all his time to some combination of crowing over Bin Laden, talking up the American education system as if it weren’t an ossified failure of bureaucracy, and making more campaign promises of liberty, decency, and peace that he has no intention of keeping. Worst prez since Bush Jr, no doubt about it.

Tom Palmer’s Twenty Myths about Markets (link in PDF format). An excellent jumping-off point for free-market advocates and enemies alike.

At the risk of alienating my Big L Libertarian friends and engendering a bit of love from the neo-hippies and fellow lovers of heirloom tomatoes . . . Monsanto’s Bt-corn, a hugely successful GM crop designed to kill the corn rootworms that devour just about everything, has met its match: the Western rootworm beetle had developed bt resistance. FDA’s impeccable regulatory record, Frankenstein food, Ian Malcolm, innocent farmers will suffer by losing an entire crop of “pest-resistant” corn, etc.

The Daily Funny, borrowed from http://www.coordinationproblem.org, original source unknown:

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