Sunday Afternoon Injustices, Outrages, etc.

A civil liberties advocate with a concealed carry permit on his way back from Burning Man meets the TSA. Is it a classic case of opposites attracting, with the TSA standing in for Paula Abdul and Civil Liberties Lad taking on the part of MC Skat Kat? Will the parted, bickering lovers find their way into one anothers’ arms by the end of the drama’s 57-minute, audio-recorded runtime? Or will the gleeful activist simply leave the checkpoint, drive a few miles down the road, and fly out of an airport without a body scanner? Whether you are an aspiring terrorist or a fan of heart-wrenching drama, you won’t want to miss this!

More TSA guffaws: Now that taxpayers have bought $200+ million worth of body scanners for the sake of violating our moribund Fourth Amendment rights, we learn that the machines cannot tell a sweaty armpit from a chemical weapon. Only an unaccountable bureaucracy would spend eight billion dollars annually on make-work jobs and useless equipment that does nothing but hinder private enterprise, violate the right to contract, and invite scores of lawsuits. Every day I become more convinced that we’d be better off paying TSA employees to stay in bed; we might be out $8 billion a year sans benefit, but at least we could stop pretending that it’s possible to prevent dedicated terrorists from attacking civilian targets or that risk does not come part and parcel with living in a free society.

A 2006 article on government regulation and shower flow from the estimable Includes useful DIY information on deregulating water flow for fellow water anarchists who value brief, torrential downpours of hot water.

Hilarious/Awful law of the day, state edition: Kyleigh’s Law. A mini Twix bar to anyone who can guess (without reading wiki’s “Controversy” section) why this foolish law should never have made it past the brainstorming stage. As Eugene Volokh says, laws named after crime victims and dead people are usually a bad idea.

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