Power Restored, weekend edition

Roy Zimmerman with his latest ditty. In other news, atypical interaction between incensed union member and local media. I understand Roy’s argument, as do most people who support collective bargaining, free markets, and all that goes with negotiating compensation. I also understand that when you play hardball, you’re not going to win every time you take the field. Why the government or other disinterested parties should be expected to insert themselves into compensation negotiations is beyond me.

Don Rumsfeld dislikes the monicker “War on Terror” and insists it was a Bush invention. Because when you call something a war, you shouldn’t be surprised when everyone begins acting like soldiers.

Between this and the Coulter-Welch “debate,” I’m going to grind my back teeth down to nubs.

After the power came back on (thank you, ancient power grid) Thursday night, I managed to catch up with Obama’s latest and greatest oratory delivery. In two short years we’ve transitioned from a potentially brainy, morally inclined Presidential hope to nigh-complete political resignation over a president who is in over his head in every way imaginable. I dislike Obama no more than his predecessor, but the bloom is off the rose. Time to try something new, Mr. President, preferably something that doesn’t involve shaking the confidence of our commanding heights, breaking international and federal law, and ramping up the Wars on Drugs and Terrors despite explicit campaign promises to the contrary.

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